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  • 00:06:37: Twitter now is not the time to go all funny on me!!
  • 00:07:25: Better twitter, better. i
  • 00:51:35: thinking bad thoughts
  • 01:00:50: Might txt my OT tomorrow. That would be the smart thing to do. Instead of buying blade.
  • 02:27:56: Was hungry, had toast. Considered putting a film on and having a brew but I don't feel like it, just want to sleep!
  • 04:29:25: Given up on sleep. Watching fantastic four.
  • 05:40:20: new blog post - Line Dancing Gorillas
  • 07:38:36: Still awake. Might sleep listenin to the radio. We'll see.
  • 07:43:41: I hate this Noah and the whale song so much.
  • 08:12:01: Gone back to bed. Can't handle being awake any longer, couple hours then I'll get up again.
  • 08:12:10: RT @qikipedia: Abdul Kassem Ismail (938-995AD) owned 117,000 books. He took them with him on 400 camels trained to walk in alphabetical ...
  • 08:12:54: Whole body is tense and shaky, especially my legs. Which is unusual but not new.
  • 12:33:10: Really don't want to go out. I am out, but I'm not entirely happy about it.
  • 12:45:14: Yummy strawberry liquorice
  • 13:16:42: @Million_Moments I know. And lunch was amazing!
  • 17:01:22: "I'm not hanging up because I don't have an answer, I'm just hanging up." #bones
  • 17:58:55: Ah the time would indicate why I'm so hungry.
  • 18:49:21: "I don't twirl the interns." #bones
  • 21:22:43: What movie can you watch again and again and never get… — Iron Man, Independence Day, The Mummy, Goldeneye, Snak…
  • 21:33:56: I have done nothing. Again.
  • 21:34:34: Except draw a weird looking rat, a mad dog, and a sleeping dragon.
  • 21:54:11: awesome-ness, I added tweet and fb like buttons to my blog.
  • 21:55:39: well, that's semi-productive.
  • 22:05:08: I'm feeling chaotic. #imood
  • 22:26:39: Sometimes when Fry does the monkey bars in his cage, for a second it looks like he's on the outside of his cage and I panic. Bloody hamsters
  • 23:16:37: "Woah that was totally ninja!" Booth has like three pairs of handcuffs at least in this episode (the one with jfk) #bones
  • 23:17:47: "And we have decided that any reports we write should be carefully worded, in that there should be no words." #bones
  • 23:36:19: Seven tablets down the hatch. Now, the cream...I'm such a catch...

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