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  • 01:34:04: new blog post - The kids.
  • 03:40:11: "Hey mister where you heading, I need a lift to happy hour." #greenday
  • 03:51:00: I wish seagulls had twitter so I could tell them to shut the fuck up!
  • 03:59:19: My hair's gone a bit mad since I last had it cut. Some of it just decide it wants to be on the other side of the head like a mad comb over.
  • 04:00:25: Also, I think I'm going to start killing more spiders. Not in some sort of mad reign of terror across the globe, just the ones in my flat.
  • 16:37:02: In Size Order #hamstertales #hamsters #roborovskihamster #russiandwarfhamster #syrianhamster
  • 17:05:04: I'm feeling nervous. #imood
  • 17:13:59: I'm watching #doctorwho later. No reason, going out soon and I'm in the middle of some epic #Futurama-ness.
  • 18:33:04: Well off out...erk
  • 18:43:53: I will miss my friend Jo tonight
  • 18:44:13: Ah well, cheap lager
  • 18:50:05: I wish I wasn't such an anxious geek sometimes. It's a good username a bad lifestyle.
  • 20:17:43: Omg quiz burnt my head out a bit
  • 20:30:11: Think some rice just went up my nose.
  • 21:03:32: Line dancing. Hilarious to watch.
  • 21:17:52: There's a couple of ppl here who can line dance to anything. Anything. It will be a marketable skill during the zombie apocalypse.
  • 21:27:13: Sudden influx of ppl from the bar
  • 21:42:35: Actually, watching ppl trying to line dance is funnier.
  • 21:55:15: There's a bloke here who dances like my dad when he's having an epileptic fit.
  • 22:33:39: Beer! And more beer!
  • 22:39:44: Love it, barman started pouring beofre I'd even asked for what I wanted
  • 22:47:40: Officially drubk enough to dance to a song I really like. Cause I did. UB40 - Kingston Town, love it. Painful memories, buit love it.
  • 22:50:22: Darren is a chair dancer like me. Tim just doesn't dance unless he's drunk
  • 22:53:13: And Carl just led a procession around trhwe dance floor to is this the way to armarillo
  • 23:00:45: @DistTimbersEcho @misssacramento I had a bonfire for all my bills once. Lovely and toasty.
  • 23:12:43: I am going to football hell for singing/dancing to you'll never walk alone.
  • 23:13:14: And @laruap isn't awake or looking at my drunk tests
  • 23:13:22: That's cheating
  • 23:15:13: Nothing worse than the dregs of a pint.
  • 23:15:43: Except maybe coffee
  • 23:31:48: Bwah ha ha stole all the cucumber off the buffet
  • 23:39:46: I have to walk home with a gorilla and a bottle of non-alcoholic...stuff. To be fair, I walked here with Twilight books so could be worse.
  • 23:41:43: new blog post - In Size Order
  • 23:53:09: Carl is playing Do the Bart man for me. :)

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