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  • 00:54:43: RT @goodglobalcitiz: Hilarious! RT @alexvsinertia The girl married the prince, and the bad guy died. This week is sponsored by Disney.
  • 08:22:23: I love and hate blackberry messenger.
  • 10:45:30: @Million_Moments ctrl + alt + del, and see if it's open in the processes tab.
  • 10:46:22: Doctors in half an hour. Woo. Tablets, tablets, tablets.
  • 11:07:55: My sister has no idea how much baby crap I get. I let her use my email and home address for some stuff and now it's baby stuff every week!
  • 11:12:23: I want all sorts of pills today please dr, drug me up...
  • 11:13:08: I forgot my hat and ipod but I don't want to go home and get them and go out again.
  • 11:51:27: My sister says the key to spending time with my dad is to forget all the bad things he's done and see him as a shaky old man.
  • 12:49:23: Really gotta stop talking to myself out loud
  • 12:50:08: Also my dad is stuck in brum. Unfortunately not forever
  • 16:16:55: Earphones are not hamster proof.
  • 16:29:20: Waitin' for my dad at the station. I know I moan about him a lot but he is travelling 140 miles to come and see me.
  • 16:57:22: Dad called me from the train all fine and dandy, got off the train in the middle of an absent seizure.
  • 16:59:22: Could've been worse, could've been a grand mal seizure. All he did was walk round in circles and ramble in the middle of aber train station.
  • 17:01:17: Not that I like either form of fit, cause you know, scary and upsetting, but a bit of shuffling and rambling doesn't mean a trip to the hosp
  • 18:05:05: @KirstyNumbers when my sister sings adele my niece cries.
  • 18:06:37: I'm not a big fan of having the same conversations over and over again with my dad about the family bollocks.
  • 20:13:11: Ah football, giving me a reason not to talk to my dad since 1982.
  • 21:03:58: "I warn you, if I have to get cute, it's going to get ugly." #futurama
  • 21:05:25: I could cry right now.
  • 23:30:10: Oh good, cause what I really need now is to run out of my seroxat...
  • 23:34:33: Its probably bad that I'm glad it's gonna rain from thursday on so I can cut and cover up if I need to.

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