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  • 12:32:46: Fail, sorted all my change out for my washing, left it all at home when I went to the laundrette. Dammit.
  • 13:13:51: I'm slightly concerned that I put this machine on first and it's not finished it's wash cycle yet.
  • 13:19:40: Great, now I seem to have lost the ability to write.
  • 13:39:44: Gotta stop buying food and not eating it.
  • 14:40:18: "I don't follow current events past the industrial revolution." #bones
  • 14:53:02: I miss Zack #bones
  • 16:36:35: "Andrew is going to introduce me to a rat pack, he was very excited about it, they must be extraordinary rodents." #bones
  • 19:56:46: "What's a shake?" "Three jiffys and a cha-cha." #bones
  • 23:12:55: "You have sex accidentally? What were you trying to do Miss Wick?" "Return a book." "And your pants fell off?" #bones

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