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  • 00:12:22: Hopefully million_moments is asleep but I don't want to txt and find out cause in case I wake her up. Hopefully soon I too will be asleep.
  • 16:53:01: The first 5-10 minutes of #bones 6.11 'The bullet in the brain' is still fucking awesome. Epic.
  • 16:54:21: Dammit can't stop shaking.
  • 17:10:54: Can't stop shaking
  • 17:28:37: "This land belongs to Seeley Booth." #bones I kinda want that on a t-shirt
  • 18:29:49: Can’t write, want to write. #mentalhealthstuff #writing
  • 20:56:43: "I was at that farm, ask the horse! Or the chickens, they all saw me." #bones
  • 21:00:23: "One night I borrowed your iguana and wore it as a hat." #bones
  • 22:14:33: Bought Temeraire by Naomi Novik today #fridayreads

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