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  • 00:33:42: new blog post - Can’t write, want to write.
  • 09:42:03: @JeniferAldridge it's the best way :)
  • 09:45:36: Headache
  • 10:57:52: my eyes feel all funny.
  • 11:31:47: @Grayski I wish but it's simply the result of a crappy nights sleep.
  • 11:39:21: @Million_Moments is evils.
  • 18:12:32: my mum thought I was going to buy some rats after I posted a quote from Bones. The punctuation was obviously too much for her....
  • 18:45:05: "Biting's brilliant, it's like kissing but there's a winner." #doctorwho
  • 19:14:27: "She's the Tardis, and she's a woman? Did you wish really hard?" #doctorwho
  • 19:24:01: #doctorwho was epic. Awesome. Love love love.
  • 22:47:45: Need to get a wireless mouse
  • 23:17:14: Hodgins is so fail when it comes to Angela's contractions #bones
  • 23:40:23: "I hate this! I wish he's shot us before we got this far." #bones
  • 23:44:19: "I should've shot him when I had the chance." "Professionally I disagree, personally not so much." #bones
  • 23:45:54: Oh this isn't going to be good...#bones
  • 23:51:28: Oh fuck. #bones

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