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  • 01:31:01: I've had one pint too many. Now if I could only remember how many pints I've had, I'd know what the good amoint is.
  • 01:33:38: Also She-Ra only goes mental when I handle Small Fry (a boy) before her, not Wedgie (a girl). This experiment has been painful and bloody
  • 05:29:31: I have a headache. Shocking.
  • 09:31:10: My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Bring Me The Horizon (22), The Offspring (14) & Green Day (13)
  • 19:41:10: can't get my glasses clean enough.
  • 20:03:24: Omg a #torchwood advert! Must see it. After #doctorwho
  • 20:03:41: I hope he shaves that beard off #doctorwho
  • 20:07:47: Oh thank god, the beard has gone #doctorwho
  • 20:42:46: #doctorwho was epic. Also next week, Amy dressed as a pirate, hot.
  • 22:19:08: I hate myself. I'm not entirely sure why.
  • 22:42:01: "Less invasions, more equations." #futurama
  • 23:50:09: RT @Syfy: I'm giving away a #Sanctuary T-shirt to someone who RTs this note by the show's new time Mon at 10/9c on 5/2 ...
  • 23:52:07: I really should've paid more attention in biology at school. Spent that lesson talking about the x-files with Becky.
  • 23:53:35: Becky was pretty obsessed with the x-files, and I was pretty obsessed with Becky, so, I didn't pay much attention. Got a C through dumb luck
  • 23:55:20: Aren't these little insights into my past fascinating? Tomorrow night, why I can never watch The Rescuers again...

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