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  • 12:25:19: I wish my Dad wasn't coming for four days. Three maybe I could handle. Two definitely. One preferable.
  • 12:25:48: RT @kellyoxford: Adolf Hitler: Married April 29th, like Prince William and Kate. Death announced May 1st, like Osama. I am the Jessica F ...
  • 12:26:23: RT @loydcase: And now we know why it took so long...
  • 12:26:41: RT @amandatapping: Thursday May 5th I'm giving the keynote speech at the Canadian Breast Cancer foundation luncheon! Nervous!! www.cbc ...
  • 12:27:34: okay, enough Bin Laden retweets, back to my doom.....waaaaahh
  • 13:00:47: Always a bit surreal to see someone in a Coventry city shirt walking round aberystwyth. Even during the tourist season.
  • 22:05:52: I should go to bed. Should but won't.
  • 22:48:31: 206 - fandom meme

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