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I'm Ren and I'm:
Weird geek and poet.
Welsh, bi, non-binary
Married and parent.
One kid, five cats, six chickens and several fish.

I write fanfiction, original fiction featuring wlw and non-binary characters. Mostly fantasy and sci-fi.
I also talk about my life a lot.

For a dollar a month you get early access to all fanfction and original fiction, and access to exclusive fic. I write wlw and non-binary characters and currently Dragon Age and MCU Femslash.

Fanfic is at [community profile] escapingreality but I plan to move it over.
I run [community profile] dragonagefemslash and [community profile] lgbtqiapluswriters

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13, allison cameron, amanda tapping, atlantis, avengers, bethany hawke, beverly crusher, bisexual, black widow, blackpepper, blogging, bones, bpd, brooklyn 99, cameron/cuddy, cassandra pentaghast, castle, castle/beckett, catra, chronicles of narnia, comics, cullen, daniel/vala, deanna troi, doctor who, dragon age, dragon age 2, dragon age inquisition, dragon age origins, f!hawke/isabela, f!inquisitor/cullen, fanfiction, femslash, fiction, hamsters, hawke, helen magnus, helen/nikola, helen/tesla, helen/will, house, inquisitor/cassandra, inquisitor/josephine, inquisitor/leliana, iron man, ironman, isabela, jack o'neill, jane rizzoli, janeway, josephine montilyet, josephine/cassandra, josephine/cullen, josephine/isabela, josephine/leliana, krem, krem/josephine, leliana, leliana/josephine, lgbt, lgbtq, lgbtqia, lgbtqia writers, lisa cuddy, maria hill, marvel, marvel cinematic universe, maura isles, maura/jane, mckay, mcu, memes, mental health, merrill, monty python, nanowrimo, narnia, natasha romanow, non binary, non-binary, original fiction, patreon, pepper potts, pepper/natasha, pepper/romanov, phineas and ferb, poetry, rizzoli and isles, rodney mckay, sam carter, sam/anyone, sam/cam, sam/elizabeth, sam/jack, sam/janet, sam/jennifer, sam/mckay, sam/other, sam/rodney, sam/vala, sanctuary, sarah jane smith, sasha alexander, she-ra, shield, stana katic, star trek, stargate sg1, steven universe, tattoos, the avengers, the bill, the green mile, the mentalist, the next generation, thirteen, tony stark, tony/pepper, vala mal doran, voyager, wlw, writer, writing
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